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Magimels Inc.

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Pierre & Gerard Magimel
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{ the } Magimel Brothers

Name: Pierre Magimel
Age: Fifty (50)
Gender: Male

Pierre, the twin brother to Gerard, was once a dress-maker for a marionette constructor, but now owns his own line of exotic, and suggestive clothing. His particular taste in fashion varies upon the occasion, though he certainly has next to anything imaginable. And if it doesn't exist, he's more than happy to commission the desired outfit (at a slight price, of course).

Name: Gerard Magimel
Age: Fifty (50)
Gender: Male

Gerard, the twin brother to Pierre, has always been an aggressive sale's man, and had once traveled the world in hopes of a new commerce. Now a renowned business owner, Gerard produces the exotic items for his customers enjoyment, and has collected many objects from his journeys to sell as well. But if he doesn't own it, he certainly can retrieve it (at a slight price, of course) with patie

{ their } current CATALOG

Catalog v.1: Gerard Style
Come stare upon the splendor of Gerard's many item findings!
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Catalog v.1: Pierre Style
There is not a brilliant moment this man has not captured within his fabulous clothing designs.
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